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My name is Oscar and this is my story. I am a sweet and lovable dog but I suffered from depression. My whole life I have only wanted to play and love kids. One special day I got my wish. I became the newest addition to an exciting and busy family of 4. I was in heaven! Two little girls to love on me and a dotting mother.

One day, things changed in my life. I found myself all alone during the day and had no one to play with. Where are the girls I used to ask? I frantically would search through the house looking for mom and the girls and always found no one. So I began to lay around, had no appetite and slept all day. I started to gain weight from the lack of exercise and started to get into trouble because I was so bored. I fell into deep doggie depression.

I learned to follow the daily routine of seeing the girls off in the mornings and waiting by the door until they came home. A very bleak existence.

Then one day someone came through the door with my mom. A very nice lady that really likes me! Who is she I thought? Someone else to love me? Everyday this person comes to see me! Little old me! I feel so special and loved. My mom got me my very own playmate! We go for walks, she lets me go out to potty and she sits and just scratches my back for me. I love this new person because she gives me something to do while I wait for my family to come home.

I wanted to share my story with all of the rest of you out there. You must ask your family to have these girls come over and play with you! ~ Oscar

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